12 Must-Haves for an Awesome Wedding - Guests Have Their Say

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

There is a period in your life where you can easily rack up 5+ weddings per year for a good couple of years. It’s a glorious time! Some of those weddings fade in the memory, but others you will be talking about for decades. So what is that magic formula that turns a potentially mediocre shindig into the stuff of legends?? We have asked our brides to pipe down about their own weddings, and instead tell all about the ones that were declared officially awesome, by all who attended.

Here are 12 (slightly diva-ish) requirements from your more discerning wedding guest:

1. Prolong the fun for at least 3 days

This ensures that every guest is transformed into a more fun holiday version of themselves (translation: rosé for breakfast is acceptable). A suggested winning formula involves:

A Friday night get-together: basically a fairly gentle warm-up which provides an opportunity for introductions and long-awaited catch-ups.

Saturday: guests are relaxed enough at the main event to go bat-shit crazy, should the mood strike.

Sunday calls for a hangover debrief in a relaxed setting to help with any morning-after paranoia. Also a challenge to finish all the remaining booze is very welcome at this point. The inevitable Sunday night blues are looming as is an impending rage that one must soon return to normal life.

2. A very short, meaningful, entertaining and personalised ceremony

Photo credit:  Grace Pham

Photo credit: Grace Pham

They want an abundance of love, laughter and sentimentality packed in to no more than 30 minutes.

3. Zero travel time between ceremony and reception

If you can find any guest that likes getting in and out of their car, or on and off a coach between the ceremony and the first drink, then I will eat my own face.

4. Jaw-dropping venue

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

An abandoned fort, small castle in the mountains or a majestic yet intimate 5* hotel perched high on a hilltop with stunning views of Florence, will all be met with approval. In other words choose anywhere that your guests would consider too expensive for a mini-break; they will obviously manage it for your special day (because you are paying).

5. Phenomenal finger food 

The promise of a plethora of spectacular canapés is frankly why people go to weddings. Where else can you stand and talk to your chums while people bring you such delights as pork belly skewers with Vietnamese caramel sauce? Or a miniature hand-pressed beef burger in a brioche bun with an accompanying shot of home brewed lager??  

6. Absolutely no waiting around

Photo credit:  Lydia Stamps

Photo credit: Lydia Stamps

It’s not waiting if you have a drink in your hand and some sort of giant Jenga or croquet to hold your attention.

7. Warm weather

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

Blue sky, sunshine and warmth (but for god’s sake not too hot) with a very light breeze can transform a relatively reserved British wedding guest into the life and soul of the party. 

8. Obscene amounts of booze

Everyone (British) gets a kick out of an unprompted top-up and those two magic words… Free Bar. Fact.

9. Ridiculously good food

Even the most foodie of brides is unlikely to truly appreciate her own wedding breakfast, but your guests will certainly bang on about an amazing spread. A seven-course Italian feast, some high-end street food, a super- posh barbecue or a mouth-watering carve-your-own steak should do it.

10. Cracking speeches (with a microphone)

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

If you can ensure knee-slapping laughter with zero cringe, and perhaps even draw a small tear without anyone wailing uncontrollably then your guests will appreciate it. Of course none of it matters if NOBODY CAN HEAR YOU.

11. Relaxed atmosphere with lots of mingling

Everything should be close together: the bar, dance floor and dinner tables need to be in view at all times to ensure cohesion and atmosphere. Usually shy types will be social animals, all thanks to your relaxed setting and thoughtful set-up.

12. Great band

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

A lead singer who thinks he is Brandon Flowers, accompanied by some Kings of Leon wannabes, playing tunes that everyone loves will get even your grandma jumping around like a deranged teenager at a rave.


That all sounds perfectly reasonable if you ask me :)


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