Top 10 Real Brides' Regrets

Photo credit:  Silver Tree Weddings

Photo credit: Silver Tree Weddings

Even though your day will undoubtedly be a back-slapping love fest filled with laughter and enthusiastic dancing, there will be a couple of little things that niggle you. Event management is basically damage control, so thinking that you’ll be 100% happy with every teeny detail is sadly unrealistic. However, we like to try to pre-empt these pesky niggles, so here are the top ten things that our brides would do differently, if they could do it all again…. just in case you want to make any changes.

1. Dress/ outfit issues

From dresses that weren’t comfortable to regrets over the bridesmaid dress choice, what or how it was worn came up the most frequently as something to change for next time. The type of bugbear was pretty varied but a common theme no less. These included too many hair pins giving a horrid hair headache, wishing the groom wore navy and the ushers wore grey, (1st world problems eh?), forgetting to break in the wonderfully chic wedding shoes resulting in spending the whole day barefoot, and boobs constantly popping out of a very tight wedding dress. The message is clear: try it all on, all of you, a lot. 

2. Earlier wedding time

Simply because they wished the whole experience had lasted longer and a late wedding can make the day feel a bit too short. Awwww.

3. Eat more

This is a tough one as you can’t make yourself eat if those butterflies won’t shift. However, many brides said they never got a canapé, or any cake! Get your caterer to put some aside for you, they should do this automatically but it doesn’t hurt to remind them. Also the hours spent agonising over the menu paired with everyone talking about how wonderful the food was that you didn't eat is pretty annoying.  Funnily enough, not many said they wished they’d drunk more….

4. Spend less time with photographer taking formal ‘just married’ shots

They missed half the reception. End of. 

5. Spend more time talking to guests

Neglecting evening guests, too much time spent on the dance floor, you get it. 

6. Get a better/ professional photographer

Hurrah! Another opportunity for us to bang on about this! We have an important post with 5 reasons you should love your photographer more than your fiancé that should not be missed! In the same vein a rather upsetting regret is when you hear the following ‘I didn’t get one photo with…. my sister, my grandma…' insert appropriate person. Whether you want posed photos or informal moments captured you can point out these essentials to your photographer in advance. 

7. More wine available on the tables during wedding breakfast/ speeches

Often our couples had enough wine for the occasion to drown a small town, but the message wasn’t getting through to the wait staff and people were parched unnecessarily. Devastating.

8. Flower disappointment

Lacklustre centrepieces or a teeny sad bouquet, those who didn’t push to see images or examples of what they were getting were pretty ragey about what they ended up with. And would you believe it, we have 5 Top Tips straight from the florists mouth to ensure this doesn't happen to you! 

9. Sleep more in the run up

The days before can be soooo exhausting and it's horrible to feel knackered on your wedding day. Not always possible to skip off to bed at 9.30pm but dammit you can try. 

And in honorary 10th place, our personal favourite...

The groom's haircut.




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