Hate Posing? Here's why you should take ten minutes to semi-pose your ass off.

Many people nowadays are shunning the traditional half an hour (plus) alone with their photographer once the ‘I do’s' are taken care of. And whilst I pass no judgement on those who love this part, the very thought of standing with my new husband in a variety of suggested poses frankly made me (and him) want to curl up and die. Reportage, darling, is what it's all about now, thank god, which certainly influenced our choice of photographer. However, despite knowing our position on this, the lady in question (the amazing, and now award-winning Lyndsey Goddard) pulled us aside on the day and suggested that we take just ten minutes out and have a few moments alone. I remained less than enthused, as well as the hideous awkward feeling already stated, both the Mr and I never seem to come off well in photos we know are being taken, not to mention the end result can be something of a cringe-fest. But Lyndsey made a valid point: this will be the only time you are alone together, all day. In fact, not only will you not be alone together, you might well spend a significant amount of the day apart, as ludicrous as it sounds. As a documentary wedding photographer, she was not desperate to take posed shots but her years of experience on this matter made for a convincing argument. So we reluctantly agreed to delay drinking copious amounts of bubbly with all of our favourite people.

After dragging ourselves away from the party, we found that it was actually rather splendid to step back from the crowds of well-wishers and just take it all in. I can't deny we were itching to get back, but it was definitely time well spent with the other half, if only to laugh your arses off about the fact you just got married and freak out about being grown-ups. And as well as having those rare few moments alone, with the right photographer you might even get a lovely pic that doesn't make you want to vom. Take a look at these beauties….


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Photo credit:  Samuel Docker

Photo credit: Samuel Docker

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