5 Unique Wedding Day Touches that make us Crazy Jealous

Yes we know jealousy is ugly, but most of us will admit there is something we wish we’d thought of for our own wedding. Aside from the standard envy of the weddings with flowing Moët (when you just had Aldi’s finest), the awesome bands and the jaw-dropping venues, here are a few ideas that made our brides a little green around the edges. Steal away….

1. Releasing paper lanterns at the end of the night

Traditionally released containing messages of prosperity and luck for the newlyweds, sending lanterns into the night sky in a small intimate manner, or with the world and his wife having a bash, can be both dreamy and spectacular. Please do however ensure you purchase safe, environmentally friendly lanterns as they can cause a number of problems otherwise, also discuss with your venue as you'll need large, open, non-residential space for release. 

2. Street Food Vans

Photo credits:  Coco Dining

Photo credits: Coco Dining

4a. Coco Dining fish and chips_Ian Williams.jpg

A fun little addition to your day, whether it's fish and chips, gourmet burgers, kebabs, wood-fired pizzas, curry, tacos, noodles or crêpes, taking a step away from the standard beige evening buffet will be a total drool fest for you and your guests. Not to mention the cool looking vans you can get nowadays like the converted French vintage catering vans from Coco Dining. In fact, why limit to evening food? You could even use these vans in place of a more formal wedding breakfast, or as a bar for serving canapés and bubbles.

3. Silent Disco

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

Three channels, unlimited fun. Cater to different tastes but all share the same dance floor and rave into the night without pesky noise complaints - simply genius. Sign us up! 

4. Fireworks

Photo credit:  Angelo at Carlo Carletti

Now this isn’t always possible, but we love ending the day with a bang and a lot of ooooo’s and aaaaaaaaaa’s! If your pennies can stretch just make sure your venue is fully involved and you have all the appropriate permissions (think farmers and traumatised sheep).

5. Carve your own…steak dinner

3. Steak carving_Guillia photo.jpg

Designate a carver and have them don a pinny and hat, having your guests carve up their own dinner can be a real hoot and a great ice-breaker if you’re mixing up your guests.


And because the material things are not the point of the whole day, we are duty bound to inform you that most of our brides said that the only ‘jealousy’ comes from the fact that other weddings simply remind you of your own day and you want to do the whole darn thing all over again! Besides if a friend’s wedding includes any of the above, you still get to enjoy such inventive little touches, but someone else has paid for it. #winning