Can you guess the Wedding Budget Bottom Five?

 Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

Following our post on the Budget Big Five it’s only right to share what our married brides wished they hadn’t spent quite so much (or in some cases any) money on. Here’s the top, or in fact, Bottom Five…

1. Favours

Whilst we LOVE all these thoughtful little details (unsurprisingly), the general feeling is that most of your guests couldn’t give a hoot. So if you’re looking to cut back, favours definitely fall into the non-essential camp.

2. Invites

To directly quote one of our Brides ‘as pretty as they look, they get thrown away’. Maybe not by you or your grandma but you get the gist. There are loads of cheaper options out there, whether you get a well-placed friend to make and print yourselves or find a bargain on Etsy, we’ve found that the consensus is.. there’s no need to print them on linen and get them hand delivered by a dove.

3. Excessive décor

Ah the little details, again we LOVE all this stuff but if it’s a trade-off between 900 different coloured lanterns and the sacred canapés, then you know what to do. (A Pinterest detox will make this easier….)

4. Cake

We are shocked that so many would ditch this! The reason given was that no one really eats it (until midnight anyway). My husband and mother-in-law would not allow an event without cake. If you or your fiancé are also cake monsters then there are at least cheaper options nowadays, M&S for example, or getting said mother-in-law to make it*.

*This comes with a heightened stress level warning.

5. Unwanted Guests

This is a whole separate issue (!) but just consider that while some costs are one-off (the dress, the photographer) and not linked to your guest list, others will escalate as your numbers climb. The message from past brides is…if you’ve got a few questionable people on the list that you can get away with not inviting (bearing in mind family politics) then ditch ‘em. 


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