Can you Guess the Wedding Budget Big Five?

Everyone is different and every wedding unique (hopefully), but when we asked a large bunch of our married brides what they would prioritise in their budget in hindsight, here’s what we have found to be the Big Five…

1. Plenty of Booze

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

This may say a lot about the circles we move in but this was the clear favourite. No one wants to be holding an empty glass or scrabbling around for a re-fill. Whether you are doing a free bar or cash bar it doesn’t matter, just make sure it’s easily accessible and flowing like a waterfall.

2. Food

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

Perhaps alarming that this is second to booze, getting the quantity and frequency right is quite the game-changer.  Oh and obviously people will remember if it tastes like a dog's dinner. Canapés or lack thereof, seem to get people all riled up (us included)! Without these you may be faced with very drunk guests before they even sit down (especially if you nail number one).  Evening buffets are pretty essential for soaking up said booze, just choose a menu that will appeal to your drunk alter-ego and you can’t go wrong. The wedding breakfast however needs to not be too heavy or you’ll have a group of bloated and lethargic guests when it’s time for number three…

3. Decent music

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

We love a live band, but even if you’re a fan of the DJ the consensus is that this is not an area to scrimp on. Cracking entertainment is deemed essential, if the music’s rubbish, the mood and an empty dance floor will follow. At the end of the day nothing says a good party like a group of sweaty people cuddling and shouting the wrong lyrics to Journey's ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.

4. Photographer

Photo credit:  Earl Christie

Photo credit: Earl Christie

We literally cannot bang on about this enough. In fact we have already written a post giving you 5 reasons you should love your photographer more than your fiancé.  

5. Honeymoon

Honeymoon_Barbados_James Norman.jpg

Treat yourselves; it should be the best holiday you’ll ever go on. The wedding is just a day, the Honeymoon can be dragged out MUCH longer. Also bear in mind that pretty soon your idea of a break could be a week at Center Parcs next to the M1 with small versions of you and him hanging off each limb. Then you’ll kick yourself for not booking that safari to see the real Big Five while you had the chance… [or whatever floats your particular boat].

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Photo credits:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credits: Lyndsey Goddard


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