Top 10 Guest Faux Pas - Are you guilty of any of these?

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard

Have you ever been on a guest list blacklist? Of course not, we hear you cry! Well, here’s a list of guests who have done their utmost to pi** off the happy couple. Any of these sound familiar?

  1. Any guest who doesn't RSVP and has to be chased. It is rude. Don’t do it (or rather don’t not do it).
  2. A friend who splits up with her (invited) long term partner just before the wedding and asks to bring her new squeeze, who you've never even met, and whose last name is a mystery, even to her.
  3. The cousins who kick up a huge stink and refuse to attend because of the no kids policy, despite having the same policy at their own wedding. After a huge amount of time and energy is spent coaxing them to attend by the parents/ in-laws, they get their knickers in a twist again on the day because a six week old baby has been allowed to attend, and not their precious five year old.
  4. Guests who have been invited without their partner or a plus one, who RSVP that they will 'both' be attending.  Yikes.
  5. Any single friends who ask if they can bring a plus one if they have a girlfriend/ boyfriend by the time of the wedding. 
  6. Evening guests who turn up to the day reception. #awkward
  7. Guests who are apparent no-shows then rock up to the wedding breakfast with no apology or explanation.
  8. A ‘friend’ of the mother of the bride who asks what she should/ shouldn’t wear; then wears exactly what she is told not to.
  9. Guests who get caught doing it by the venue staff.
  10. The partner of a relative who manages to get his mug in nearly every photo, then a few weeks after the wedding is caught out in a restaurant (by the bride and groom) with another woman, and bolts out the door. True story. 

Have we missed any?