Just Engaged? Do these 5 things first (none of them involve Pinterest)

Photo Credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo Credit: Lyndsey Goddard

*This post includes FREE planning templates, no strings attached*

Once questions are popped, and/ or the decision is made together to actually start planning how and where you will get married there can be a bit of a pause when you think to yourselves… what the frick do we do now?!

Well fear not, you could go straight to google where you’ll be faced with a billion wedding planning timelines, which might fill you with that horrid overwhelmed feeling, which may lead to the birth of a rather unhealthy Pinterest obsession. Or you could just do these five simple and ‘fun’ things, as recommended by the BTB tribe….

1. Bask in the congratulations and excitement of everyone you’ve ever met

Telling your nearest and dearest that you’re (finally in some cases) getting married should always lead to an obscene amount of cork popping. Whether it’s Cristal or Cava, the advice is….milk it. Everyone from your parents to your postie will be trying to pour it down your throat at inappropriate times of day. It’s like Christmas when a buck’s fizz at 8.30am is suddenly acceptable. And even if you hate being the centre of attention, the shrieking and incessant questions will be a lot more bearable when accompanied by something cold and sparkly. This carefree quaffing period does have a shelf life though, after about 6 months you might have to move back to regular drinks and ask other people how they are doing….

2. Have long late night conversations with your spouse-to-be about the kind of thing you have in mind for the wedding

It’s still all very romantic and relaxed and if you haven’t already had these types of conversations it’s time to see if you’re on the same page, or even in the same library. Basically aside from highlighting all the fun little details you’ve always wanted to include, it’s helpful to now establish roughly when and roughly where.

3. Write a guest list, definitely maybe

Hopefully you’re still having fun, yes? With that in mind try and keep any venomous feelings about your other halves proposed guests at bay, for now. The suggested winning formula is to create a list of definites - you, him, besties, parents etc. and then a list of the maybes (your boss’s cousin, the lady at the shop, your yoga instructor). At this point you’re not yet sure of your budget or any venue capacity restrictions so the real goal here is to establish your absolute minimum number and if you like, your absolute maximum.

We would like to throw a FREE GUEST LIST TEMPLATE at you for starting your list, one that will be usable right up until you have to write the wretched thank you cards. No strings, we promise.

4. Count your pennies

Not totally fun, but can’t really miss this out. Figure out if you are covering the cost of everything between the two of you or if other people are likely to contribute. If the phone isn’t ringing off the hook with relatives throwing money at the blessed day you might have to go and see your parents, if applicable, and strike up a potentially awkward conversation. Either way, once you have worked out the approximate pot of pennies at your disposal it’s a good idea to have another late night, and a most definitely wine-fuelled conversation about your budget priorities.  

So you’ve got an idea of the pot, and you’ve had a chat about what’s important to you both, now it can be helpful to think about how you’re going to use that money. But that’s not fun, we hear you cry! Would you like a FREE BUDGET TEMPLATE? Of course you would. 

5. Start browsing for a venue

If everything has gone to plan, by now you should have in mind when, have ‘where’ narrowed down to a continent/ country/ county/ state, be armed with guest numbers and have a rough idea of what financial league of venues to look at. Is it still fun??? Ok, you can go on Pinterest now….. and here is a lovely image for you to pin to a board! [Meaning that you can come back to these helpful tips once you've sobered up from all the celebrating.]

Photo credit:  Lyndsey Goddard

Photo credit: Lyndsey Goddard


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