Weary with Wedding Planning? Volume II

Following our previous Weary with Wedding Planning Post (WwWP) which lifted our spirits with some amazing pictures of brides getting their kit on, WwWP is back. Whether you're fairly new to this engagement business or you've been planning your day for an eternity, it can be easy to lose sight of the point of the ruddy thing! Especially when you're up to your neck in to-do lists and swearing at your beloved for his/ her lack of wed-min enthusiasm.  So today we are sharing this pretty stunning collection to remind you what it is all about.... marrying your bestie.

And let's not forget, we should all celebrate the fact that it's not January anymore with a cheery post (rather than the boring one I was going to share about negotiating with your wedding suppliers, that's next week...)


Free Spreadsheets, anyone?

If you have missed our free planning templates giveaway you can still get yours here.


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